• Data centre technician

Industry : IT
Location : Hyderabad

Functional: Any
Job Description
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Spectrum Talent Management is a comprehensive HR services company offering solutions spanning the entire talent life cycle including Recruitment, Onboarding, Payroll and Flexible Staffing. Founded in 2008, we are a continuously growing, yet mature service firm specializing in recruitment and staffing requirements of global organizations. Our leadership and high acceptance in the market is evident by the phenomenal growth that we have demonstrated in just few years of our inception. From Permanent recruitment to Flexi staffing, Payroll management to RPO, the orbit of the value add that we provide our customers with has always evolved, and diversified from time to time. This has enabled us to become a preferred vendor with most of our clients.
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Our client is a global investment and technology development firm founded in 1988 with more than $47 billion in investment capital as of January 1, 2018, and offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. They have earned an international reputation for successful investing based on innovation, careful risk management, and the quality and depth of our staff.
Roles and Responsibility :

IT SUPPORT - Datacenter Technician

Required Educational Qualification

Must Have:

Graduate with at least 2 yrs of prior experience handling Datacenter operations 

Required Skill Set

Must Have:



Understand hardware, software, electrical power, peripheral equipment and how they work together.

?    Electrical power: Amps, volts, watts, PUE. Understand redundant PDUs and how to determine headroom.

?    Different cable and connector types: fiber (SM vs MM, SC vs LC), twisted pair. RJ**, SFP, QSFP, etc.

?    Various OS and system tools: Windows/Linux, Cisco IOS, PowerShell, PuTTY.

?    Manufacturer-specific hardware and tools: Dell iDRAC, Cisco CIMC, IBM/Lenovo IMM. PowerEdge/SystemX/Proliant servers,

Nexus switches, etc.


Strong troubleshooting ability:

?    Test for specific hardware failures: memory, disk, controller, etc.

?    Locate faulty power cable, PSU, or PDU/outlet.

?    Experience testing data cables, fixing fiber TX/RX polarity, checking for packet loss and CRC errors.

?    Diagnose and fix nonspecific issues (e.g., server crashed and won't boot).

?    Comfortable working with manufacturer support:

?    Repair as appropriate and/or coordinating vendors on-site repairs visits, RMAs, etc.

?    Understand the details and logs needed when working with support and how to gather them.



?    Hands on experience is a must. Provide oncall support during on and off hours, including weekend off-hours.

?    Detail oriented. Often the "eyes and ears" for coworkers and/or support teams. Provide accurate information, remain aware of minor changes, etc.

?    Ability to manage and prioritize multiple tasks, between several physical sites, and business units.

?    Solid organizational skills: Complete required DCIM updates, Inventory updates, coordination with vendors, shipping/receiving, etc.

?    Documentation: Document actions and resolutions accurately in appropriate internal tools (e.g., DESFlow, Confluence, dcTrack, PowerIQ, email).



Desired Candidate :

Good To Have: 

Final Job Description:

This role will work closely with internal teams, vendors and facilities to handle the day to day responsibilities:



?    Supporting deployment of on-site DC physical infrastructure including Servers, NetDevices, Storage and Backup devices

?    Provide support for moves of data center technology and switch equipment

?    Perform cable installations, hardware rack / stack installations, testing and troubleshooting using standard Datacenter processes

?    Cable Infrastructure management with high standards of cabling and labelling

?    Perform power cycles, swap out failed components, handle storage media, and perform troubleshooting

?    As required, assist Datacenter Inventory and Asset Management Team with shipping/receiving and inventory management


Recruiter Name : Mohd. Urfi Sheikh
Recruiter Number : 9598033887
Recruiter Email Id : urfi.sheikh@spectrumtalentmanagemant.com
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