• Chabot

Industry : IT
Location : Gurgaon

Functional: IT Software - Application Programming / Maintenance
Job Description
About Us :
Spectrum Talent Management is a comprehensive HR services company offering solutions spanning the entire talent life cycle including Recruitment, Onboarding, Payroll and Flexible Staffing. Founded in 2008, we are a continuously growing, yet mature service firm specializing in recruitment and staffing requirements of global organizations. Our leadership and high acceptance in the market is evident by the phenomenal growth that we have demonstrated in just few years of our inception. From Permanent recruitment to Flexi staffing, Payroll management to RPO, the orbit of the value add that we provide our customers with has always evolved, and diversified from time to time. This has enabled us to become a preferred vendor with most of our clients.
About Company :
Our Client is a specialized global technology?services provider, led by Business and Technology Consulting.Our client?s?Digitaligence work?infuses technology with domain, data, design, and differentiated delivery to significantly enhance experience and efficiency, enabling our clients to differentiate and disrupt their business.
Roles and Responsibility :

Job Description

We?re looking for smart individuals who have the passion and competence to create and curate data for excellent customer service chatbot. The role includes- creating, qualifying, monitoring and analyzing chatbot data for excellent AI based automated customer service.

Job purpose

?Rendering 24/7 chat service to Samsung customers by chatbot

?Ensuring satisfactory resolution to all customer queries

?Handle customer queries pertaining to all the Samsung products including Smart phones / Tabs/Laptops / Printers/ Home Appliances / LEDs / TVs etc.


Duties and responsibilities

?Sensing /Scenario making

  • Raw Data gathering from various available sources such as- Live chats logs, chatbot logs, FAQs etc.
  • Finding possible questions for the Chatbot question bank
  • Make answers to the questions that customers can ask via chat
  • Make answers or scenarios same as a dialogue between human agent and customer
  • Create static answers to resolve frequently-asked-questions via chat by analyzing live chat dialogues; making scenarios to clarify and troubleshoot customer issues
  • Create static answers to handle customers' queries not only related to product issue, but also asked frequently via live chat; making scenarios to clarify and troubleshoot customer queries
  • Modify answers or scenarios according to the feedbacks from QA team


  • Make paraphrases of standard questions created by scenario team and
  • Paraphrase questions asked by customers in different ways by referring to live chat dialogues based on correct Grammar rules
  • Modify paraphrased sentences according to the feedbacks from QA team
  • Add synonyms of technical terms in order to increase the coverage


  • Review / confirm / modify / reject all the outputs created by scenario team and paraphrase team
  • Ensure satisfactory and accurate resolution to all the customers' queries with technical knowledge about Samsung products
  • Provide technical supports to scenario team and paraphrase team about chatbot tool / logic / product knowledge / customer service, etc.
  • Perform Simulation Tests for Chatbot before Confirming the final release
  • Perform Live customer Reviews
  • Ensure customer satisfaction at every answer
  • Analyze raw data of chatbot to improve 'coverage' and 'accuracy'
  • coordinate with other internal departments to ensure resolution; Act as a liaison between other teams in Curation team - Contents management team / Live Chat team / Customer service team  /R&D team
  • Provide feedbacks to Scenario team / Paraphrase team / Customer Service team / R&D center / other related departments in Samsung based on analysis
  • Simulate chatbot and confirm to go live if okay
  • Extract and share KPI reports on both daily and weekly basis
  • Set up targets for scenario team / paraphrase team and monitor the achievement


Key Qualifications

?Sensing/Scenario Team

  • Technical proficiency with basic consumer durable products
  • Good communication skills (English) ? Versant score ? 5 and above
  • Good writing skills with correct grammar
  • Proficient in making scenarios to clarify and troubleshoot customer queries & issues
  • Ability to Identify data sources and use relevant data
  • Ability to Use researched data and evaluate the content?s impact, and push for continuous improvement that shows real results
  • Basic understanding of AI chatbot/IVR landscape
  • Should know about basic telephone and chat etiquettes
  • Excellent critical Thinking skills

?Paraphrase Team

  • An excellent command of the English language with the ability to provide clear and concise written communication
  • Basic understanding of AI chatbot/IVR landscape
  • Excellent  creative writing and critical-thinking skills

?Analysis Team

  • Extensive experience in Customer care services